How it works

1. Make your choice and purchase


If you plan to use our service on a regular basis – we advise to register online and purchase a subscription plan that suits your needs best.

Without registration

If you are planning
to use the service for several days only – you can buy a 3 day ticket at any our terminal without registration. Kindly note that in this case your bank will reserve a deposit of 159 €.

Buy a subscription

Follow instructions online:
create your account, choose subscription, pay for it online (to do so you will need a payment card allowing online purchases).

Choose the card you will use to identify yourself at the terminal in order to take a bike (more information about supported cards here).

Buy a ticket

If you choose to buy a 3-day
ticket at any of our terminals, approach any terminal in the city, select “Buy a 3 day ticket” and follow the instructions on the screen. Read the rules and approve them, create your own PIN code and pay with a payment card. Kindly note that your bank will reserve a deposit of 159 €.

Get activation data

With registration successfully completed, you will get a confirmation email with your ID number, PIN and one time activation code, consisting of 12 digits.

Get a ticket

The ticket with a 10 digit
number will be printed directly from the terminal immediately after the deposit will be reserved at your card. Please make sure to keep the ticket as you will need it each time to rent a bike.

2. Take the bike

Do you have the card?

If you have a Cyclocity
or our partner card and e-mail with codes, scan your card next to the zone marked „Prilieskite kortele“ on a terminal, choose English language in options, then choose the menu „Activate your card“ and follow the terminal‘s instructions. You will need a subscription ID, your PIN code and association code. This step must be taken only once, later you will only need your card and PIN code.

Do you have a ticket?

If you have a printed ticket,
please choose “Use services“ in terminal‘s meniu. Enter the ticket number and a PIN code of your choice.

Choose a bike – Using the keyboard, choose the stand you would like to take your bike from.

Take and ride – You will have 60 seconds to push the button on the stand and take the bike of your choice. If you fail to take the bike within provided time, the stand will be locked automatically and you will have to repeat all steps again. Half an hour ride using our bike is for free. For journeys longer than 30 minutes, additional charges will be applied.

3. Return the bike

Find a free bike stand at any station with a green light (use AllBikesNow for your convenience). If there are no free stands available at the station – touch the card reader with your card or enter your 3 day ticket number at the terminal and get extra 15 minutes.

Place the bike into the stand and make sure that  it is locked properly.

Wait for the signal: two beeps and green light confirm that the bike is returned properly. If have any issues with returning your bike – please call our Customer line 8 800 22008

Still have questions? use the FAQ

Subscription cards

Choose the card you would like to activate and use as your identification. Touch the terminal`s reader with your card, enter activation data received by email once and use „Cyclocity Vilnius“ service.

You can get your own „Cyclocity Vilnius” card for free in the following distribution points:
1. Vilnius tourism information center, Pilies str. 2, Vilnius; I–VII 9.00–12.00, 13.00–18.00;
2. Vilnius tourism information center, Didžioji str. 31 (City Hall), Vilnius; 09.00-12.30, 13.15-18.00;
3. Shopping Mall Europa information point, Konstitucijos av. 7A, Vilnius; I-VI 10.00-21.00, VII 10.00-20.00;
4. Vilnius public transport information point, Gedimino av. 9A (V. Kudirkos square), Vilnius; I-V 07.00-20.00, VI 09.30-18.00.

You may use your „Vilnius transport“ card as your identification if it`s more convenient for you – or buy it in distribution places.

If you are a student and you have an “ISIC“ international student card, you can use it to activate your subscription and later on as your identification with „Cyclocity Vilnius“.

The subscription can be activated with the help of Lithuanian student card (with integrated public transport ticket)