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You will find „Cyclocity Vilnius“ bikes in the city every year, from the start of the 16th week until the end of the 42nd week inclusively. In case of favourable weather conditions, the start of the season may be brought forward and the end of the season may be postponed to a later date. Usually season starts on April 1st and ends on October 31st.

No. Subscriber must provide a bank card, which is valid for at least thirty (30) days from the moment of subscription start or 3 day ticket purchase.

Deposit is required in a single case: a 3-day ticket purchase at the terminal. In case if the bike is not returned to the terminal within 24 hours, it is considered to be missing and a fine of 159 € will be charged from your payment card account.

When client is entering his personal data, system creates a temporary account automatically and in case your payment is not finished successfully, this temporary account is deleted within 1 hour period. For this reason, when trying to create a new subscription, you will see a notice that subscription already exists. Please allow for 1 hour before starting a new purchase or try to modify some of your personal data (I.e. by adding an additional letter to your name, surname or using Latin or Lithuanian characters).

We recommend using MasterCard or VISA for payments. Payment card should be valid for at least 1 month after the moment of purchase. Please make sure to check your payment card settings in your internet bank to see whether your card is activated for secure internet shopping.

By using these steps, purchasing a subscription should not cause any errors or problems. Once registration will be successfully completed, you will get a confirmation email with your ID number, PIN and activation codes.

There are 2 optons:

Online at :
1. Login to your subscription account;
2. In My subscription part choose CREDIT:
3. Credit my account:
a. I want to add more credit to my account (1 €, 5 €, 10 €)
b. I want to equilibrate my account
4. Enter the data of your payment card

Directly at any bike terminal:

1. Scan your membership card;
2. Enter a PIN code;
3. Choose “Credit my account“ (press 5);
4. Select the desired amount (3 € 5 €, 10 €) or „equalize the balance“;
5. Follow the instructions of the terminal.

Log in to the terminal with either your subscription card or 3 day ticket and you will be given 15 extra minutes free of charge to get to the nearest station with available stands. For your convenience there is a map on the back side of every terminal to help you find the closest station.

Please contact Police and notify our Call Centre on 880022008 immediately. We will send and ask our bike technical to help with your health and a bike. Kindly note that until the bike has been returned to the station and locked, you remain responsible for it.

Still having questions? Contact us at:

Call center (during the cycling season): 880022008

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