About the app

Have questions?

  • Where is the nearest station?
  • Where can I take the bike?
  • Where can I drop off the bike?
  • What is the status of my favorite stations?
  • What is my account status?
  • How much did was my last journey cost?

"AllBikesNow" provides an immediate and effective response to these questions!

“AllBikesNow” also guides you towards the stations of your choice through GPS navigation capabilities integrated into your smartphone.

AllBikesNow uses the geolocation and mapping functions of your smartphone in order to simplify the access to the service by informing you in real-time about the availability of stations, available bikes per station, the distance to ride, the duration of the route and the status of your account.

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And there’s more…

AllBikesNow is available in 12 languages, French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian and Lithuanian.

The app is available for 29 public bike services in France and abroad. You just have to select the city of your choice on the home page. AllBikesNow is available for self-service bicycle systems of the following towns and cities: Amiens (Velam), Besancon (VeloCite), Brisbane (CityCycle), Bruxelles (Villo), Cergy (VelO2), Creteil (Cristolib), Dublin (DublinBikes), Goteborg (Styr&Stall), Kazan (Veli’k), Lillestrom (Bysykkel), Ljubljana (Bicikelj), Luxembourg (Veloh), Lyon (Velo’V), Marseille (le velo), Mulhouse (VeloCite), Namur (Libiavelo), Nancy (VélOstan’lib), Nantes (Bicloo), Paris (Velib), Rouen (Cy’clic), Santander (Tusbic), Seville (Sevici), Stockholm (Cyclocity), Toulouse (VeloToulouse), Toyama (Cyclocity), Valence (Valenbisi) and Vilnius (Cyclocity).